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377 Brightening Essence: reclaim your glow-rious skin.

Bright luminous skin is what all beauties crave. Finding the best solution is not a hard nut to crack.

Skin dead cells shed constantly but if the process stops working, the skin loses natural luster and appears dry, tired, and unhealthy. Some underlying issues start to build up for example pigmentation, decoloring, and fine lines. It may start looking grey, feel bumpy, and be rough to touch.

Reasons behind dullness:

Daily debris from the environment, piled-up dead skin, and moisture loss are some premier reasons for dull, dry, pigmented skin.

How to deal with it:

Now having known the lowdowns that cause dull skin complexion. It's high time to reclaim your innate brightness and glow-rious complexion with the help of MixX Laboratory.

MixX Laboratory has innovated a perfect skin brightening profusion of vitamin C, 377, squalane(Vegan), and many other vital active ingredients to perfect your skin brightening regime. Each ingredient is targeted to eliminate dark spots and regain skin radiance. It's a lightweight, high-quality emollient that is suitable for all skin types.

Wonders of Vitamin C:

When it comes to skin glow and radiance, Vitamin C takes the crown. Being enriched with Vitamin C, 377 Brightening Essence is the cornerstone of bright spotless skin.

  • Fight fine lines

All the signs of skin wear and tear, wrinkles, and fine lines are treated with Vitamin C. Its nutrients properties neutralize free radicals and help protect against skin damage by regenerating them.

  • Revitalization

The topic for topical application of Vitamin C is a safeguard against prolonged Sun exposure, sun Spotd, and rough skin.

  • Minimize redness

Vitamin C fights against redness. It mends damaged capillaries that cause redness and strengthen them for the future.

  • Eliminate hyperpigmentation:

Topically applying vitamin C is proven to inhibit the production of enzymes that contribute to hyperpigmentation.

  • Reduced inflammation

Vitamin C is highly effective in relieving inflammatory skin signs like light redness, irritation, rash, acne, and dermatitis. Its anti-inflammatory properties guarantee glow and brightness.

  • Improve elasticity of skin:

It improves collagen level and naturally tightens skin pores by closing them. Using vitamin C in a beauty regime helps slow down the skin aging process.

  • Help retain skin water level:

     Vitamin C helps to retain skin water levels. And prevent it from becoming dry and dab.

Squalane your skin barrier

Squalane is a massive moisture supplier. Skin moisture is associated with skin lipids like cholesterol ceramide and fatty acids. They act as natural skin barriers by organizing impermeable lipid barriers to help reduce water loss.

The constituents of squalane are similar to skin lipids, lanolin, and sebum. The science behind infusing squalane in 377 Brightening Essence is clear and out. Like lipid barriers, squalane locks moisture deep in your skin

  • It miraculously boosts skin suppleness.
  • The lighter consistency of the super emollient is a treasure for acne-prone oily skin.
  • It reduces scars, light freckles, reverse UV damage, and skin pigmentation.
  • Squalane is anti-inflammatories and provides a rich antioxidant defense for the skin. 

377 repairs Melanin damage:

The excess production of melanin is caused by exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun. Uv rays increased the level of tyrosinase activity. The situation causes hyperpigmentation and tan spots. The powerful molecules of active ingredient 377 are derived from pine-tree. (dermatologically approved). They are highly efficient skin lighteners. 377 Brightening Essence is specially formulated to obscure tyrosinase activity. It seeps through the skin layers brighten-up the skin tone and treats uneven skin, removing the signs of inflammation. 377 Brightening Essence is the powerhouse of all the vitalities of this ingredient.

How 377 Brightening Essence works:

377 Brightening Essence is infused with all rich skin-boosting properties of these ingredients. Dermatologists suggest focusing on protection in the morning and regenerative activities at night. 377 Brightening Essence is designed to maintain your day-night beauty routine. Apply a dime size in the morning for protection from UV rays, pollution, and all inevitable light waves.

At night when the skin regenerates applying 377 Brightening Essence will prompt cell regeneration and smooth out the skin surface.

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