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Best Skincare Practices to Keep Your Skin Barrier Healthy

Keeping your skin healthy is a thing most people would love to do continually because it is a big flex. There are certain practices you can put as an addition to your skincare routine to ensure your skin barrier stays healthy. 

What is a skin barrier?

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of your epidermis. It is the protective layer that guards your skin against the environment and stops it from losing fluids. When your skin barrier is healthy, it keeps irritants out and locks in moisture and natural oils. The more damaged and irritated your skin barrier is the less effective it becomes in protecting your skin. 

This is why you should strive to keep your skin barrier healthy. To keep your skin barrier healthy, you should: 

  • Protect yourself from the sun

UV rays from the sun are harmful to your skin. You should wear sunscreen, an SPF (Sun Protection Formula), or even an antioxidant serum. Our Mixxlab anti-aging antioxidant serum($18) is formulated with antioxidants that help in defending the skin from UV rays and smoothens skin texture. Our product is also proven to improve the appearance and revitalizes your skin. Also, our powerful antioxidant serum is suitable for any skin type. If you do not wear sunscreen or products infused with SPF regularly, the exposure of your skin to ultraviolet rays gets your skin cells damaged and may cause skin cancers. 

  • Keep your skin hydrated

Another essential tip for helping your skin barrier stay healthy is to keep your skin hydrated. At Mixxlab, our powerful antioxidant-rich essence contains Tremella Fuciformis (snow mushroom) extract which is known for the incredible hydration properties it provides your skin with. Snow mushroom extract is also loaded with Vitamin D and other antioxidants which keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized. 

Also, Mixxlab's Hydrating Essence ($15) contains Nano Hyaluronic Acid particles and is developed for sensitive and dry skin to achieve all-day hydration. They infuse your skin with moisture and replenish it with each application. Be sure to moisturize your skin daily with our product to keep it hydrated.

  • Balance your skin pH

Another key to maintaining a healthy skin barrier is having a well-balanced pH level. Your skin maintains its barrier best around 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Having a pH that is either too high or too low, throws the ecosystem of skin off, and causes inflammation and irritation. Look out for products that state that they are pH balanced. 

  • Apply your products reasonably 

Lastly, use your products wisely. Do not overdo it with your products. Try to keep your active ingredients in check to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils. Aggressive exfoliation of your skin with products formulated with strong acids will make your skin worse and cause damage to your skin barrier. Treat your skin delicately, do not overdo anything. Do not over-wash, over-scrub, or use products that contain harmful chemicals. 

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