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What is Pro-Xylane and Where Do You Find it Affordably

When it comes to visible ageing, two main culprits are to blame: sun exposure, and water loss. We know you’re all over your SPFs. They’re affordable, accessible, and present in most quality moisturizers and foundations. Everyone

from our mums to Marie Claire to our microdermabrasion lady has drilled into us the importance of sun protection. Dermatologists recommend applying a minimum of factor 30 daily, and most of us are already all over the habit.

But what about water loss? We know to moisturize topically. We’re good at hydrating internally (name a coworker that isn’t constantly topping up a Love Island-style water bottle). But keeping moisture packed into our skin to maintain youthful volume is somewhat trickier.

Pro-Xylane might just be the best volume retainer you’ve never heard of. And there's a good reason. Until last year, this derm-grade ingredient was patented by one of the world’s biggest beauty conglomerates. Pro-Xylane is a sugar-protein hybrid developed in world-leading research labs. Following its development in 2006, its power was clear, and it was immediately made exclusive to a singular brand. Now the patent has expired, it’s our sworn mission to bring this anti-aging miracle worker to the forefront of popular skincare.

There’s an old Slovenian saying: ‘for every illness, a flower grows’. But in some cases, it’s a tree. Like everything good, this super-powered sugar protein is derived from nature – specifically from the wood of the Fagus sylvatica, or beech tree.

The original scientific literature on pro-Xylane confirms that it works by:

  • Increasing the synthetic of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) by up to 400%, which support collagen and elastin in the dermis
  • Rebuilding the skin’s extracellular matrix (our skin’s support tissues)
  • Reinforcing the structural link between the dermis and the epidermis
  • Combating deep wrinkles, dry skin, sagging, pigment spots, and loss of volume.


Even better, Pro-Xylane was the first-ever cosmetic chemical developed with ‘Green Chemistry’ principles. There are no harmful chemicals in the extraction or distillation process, and the beech tree is a prolific and highly renewable resource worldwide. Beautiful skin doesn’t have to come with a clouded conscience. 

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? In some senses, it is.

This superstar ingredient is so exclusive, it doesn’t come cheap. One of the only current iterations is available in Harrods at an eye-watering price of $377. Not exactly accessible. But something this good shouldn’t be kept for the few. We wanted to bring this sustainable and game-changing ingredient to the wider market, and we wanted to do it without compromising on quality.

MixX Lab Pro-Xylane 30% Face cream rivals more costly options by delivering an equal 30% concentration of the active Pro-Xylane. We see no reason this anti-aging breakthrough shouldn’t be available to all and in abundance.

Until now, retinol has been the go-to solution for powerful anti-aging. And it’s a great option for some. It works to stimulate cell regeneration by gently irritating the top layer of the skin. Unfortunately, its status as an irritant means it can be uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin. It’s also not strongly associated with collagen and elastin production – the two key building blocks for volume in the skin.

Pro-Xylane can in fact be used in conjunction with retinol for supreme skin-aging reversal. But if you’d rather avoid harsher retinoids, Pro-Xylane is your best friend. We recommend applying this luxurious serum as the last stage in your skincare routine. Ready to make the change? You can find our MixX Lab Pro-Xylane 30% Face cream here.

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