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Our Mission

MixX Laboratory was created with individuality in mind. We want our customers to be able to create a skincare routine that's as unique and personal as their own skin. We've curated the best ingredients for your skin and used them created a line of skincare designed to allow you to shape your own skincare routine. From our exceptional clinical formulations to customizable products, we aim to give our customers the knowledge and means to create a skincare routine that's truly their own.

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Our reputable dermatologists study the intricacy of human complexion. With dermatologist recommendations, MixX Laboratory believes in simple yet effective skincare. It is stripped of harmful chemicals and additives, leading to the enhancement of your natural beauty. The MixX Laboratory brand commits to customization and variety. Every variation of skin type and complexion is recognized. Individuality and product consistency embody the uniqueness and quality of our skincare. Only you know what your skin needs.

Skincare Formulated Responsibly

We want you to feel confident about the formulation of your skincare. For us, that means working with the best ingredients for your skin, while avoiding unnecessary ingredients that are potentially harmful, or irritating. Our product never contains fragrances, artificial pigments, parabens, essential oils, or unrefined petrolatum.


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