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1.How long does it take for MixX Laboratory Products to Work?

A skincare routine should be consistent in order to see ideal results. How quickly skin responds to treatment varies from person to person. Our customers get the best results after applying the products every day, both in the morning and night. Follow a consistent skincare regime and use the right products to achieve healthy-looking skin.


2.How to Patch Test a MixX Laboratory Skincare Products?

We recommend doing an allergy patch test before using any new skincare products. Apply a small amount of the product on your wrist, arm, or neck. There should be no other products on the skin to test a new product. Wait around 24-48 hours before applying it to your entire face. If any sign of irritation occurs, please contact us at [].


3.Can I use MixX Laboratory essences together?  

Of course! Check our Gift Set page to learn more about MixX Laboratory Gift Sets. Our reputable dermatologists study the intricacy of human complexion and formulated signature customizable sets equate to a tailored skin regime. Target your specific skincare concerns with our Gift Sets made for all skin types.


4.What color and consistency should the products be?

Our skincare products are stripped of harmful chemicals and additives, leading to enhancing your natural beauty. Micro Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence has a sheer, lightweight, and transparent formula. Absolute Facial Light-Stripe Essence has a pale yellow tint that gives a dewy look. 377 Brighten Essence has a silky, white color with a smooth and lightweight formula. Idebenone Tightening Essence has a light texture and slightly opaque yellow tone. All products have a fresh delicate scent.


5.Where can I purchase MixX Laboratory products?

We sell exclusively through our own website.


6.Are MixX Laboratory skincare products cruelty-free?

Yes! MixX Laboratory's products were created free of animal testing at all stages of product development.


Feel free to email us anytime at [] if you have any questions.


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